Hello, readers! Welcome to the Stonehouse Countertops blog! We’re happy to have you here. On this blog we discuss the maintenance and care of various custom countertop materials. We also discuss the aspects of design and installation. Our goal is to provide you, whether homeowner or business owner, with the information you need to choose the right countertops for you. Our last articles about epoxy countertops and the maintenance of soapstone and concrete are available and interesting reads!

Today, we’ll be discussing the numerous benefits associated with investing in custom countertops. Some of these might seem obvious, while others will be aspects you haven’t considered previously. We understand we may be a bit biased, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are ten reasons why custom countertops are the best option for your home or office space. 

  1. Originality 

As the name suggests, custom countertops are made specifically for your home. They fit your space because they were measured and cut to your space’s exact measurements. No awkward angles. No gaps between edges and walls. And, most wonderfully, no one else will have your countertops. Because they’re crafted with your input, you can add as many embellishments and custom aspects as your heart desires. You can decide on different edges, finishes, embeds and cutouts. You could even have the surface monogrammed with your initials, if you wanted! With custom countertops, the countertops fit into your design, not the other way around. 

  • Good Investment

Custom countertops, especially those of a high-quality material, are the perfect long-term investment for your home. Timeless statement pieces, materials like marble and granite—quartz and even concrete—add to the overall value of your home. Additionally, these aspects won’t depreciate like other renovations, which need to be revamped often over the years. For example, granite can easily last for one-hundred years if properly maintained and cared for. Go check out our series on this blog about caring for different types of materials, if you’re interested in making your countertops last! If you choose a neutral color and finish, these countertops can increase the resale value of your home by quite a lot. 

  • Durability

Continuing with the theme of your countertops lasting, the durability of these installations deserves its own category. In particular, installations like concrete are able to withstand heat and other damage, without wearing or cracking. Reinforced with glass fiber, these countertops can hang over several feet without support and stay looking brand-new for decades. Certain materials like soapstone also do a wonderful job of absorbing and redistributing heat, as well as being resistant to staining and chemically neutral. Certain materials are susceptible to cracks or dents, scrapes or scourging, but since the choice of material is entirely up to you, you’re able to choose the material which best suits your lifestyle. 

  • Design

Design considerations are essential to every homeowner. Custom countertops allow you to have a measure of control in the design process. Think about it: This is your home. These are your countertops. If you’ve envisioned your new countertops—the way the light will catch their surface, the way they’ll fit around your sink, the size of your island—chances are you’ll be hard-pressed to find a set which matches your exact specifications. Small concessions in your design plan now may seem insubstantial, but consider you happiness in the long run. You’ll see these countertops every single day. Or, if you’re flipping a property, design flaws may result in less interested potential buyers. Make sure you end up with the countertops you imagined. 

  • Price Range

Custom countertops may seem like a more substantial investment than premade countertops, but here’s the truth: You can craft countertops which fit into your specific budget. Since you have complete control over the design of your countertops, each decision of yours impacts the final price. You might choose a less expensive material or a thinner thickness in order to shave dollars off of your quote. There are so many options when it comes to custom countertops, you’ll never be stuck paying more than you want. 

  • Lifestyle Considerations

Let’s face it. Some of us have messy kids. Others of us, messy partners. Some of us cook everyday, while others only cook once in a blue moon. If you have fast runners who are liable to clip themselves on a sharp corner, rounded corners might be the way to go. Likely to spill red wine on the counter? Opt for a material that won’t stain easily, like quartz or soapstone. Do you use natural cleansers, with ingredients like lemon or lime? Opt out of using materials that will discolor and degrade with the use of acids, like granite or concrete or marble, and opt for materials like quartz or soapstone. 

  • Good for Business

Custom countertops can elevate any workplace. Whether in a shared kitchen space, the bathroom, the reception area or on tabletops—customers and employees alike will appreciate the sleek beauty of well-done custom countertops. Marble sinks can be an impressive and luxurious aspect of any bathroom, while quartz countertops in a shared kitchen will stay pristine for years (regardless of spilt coffee). A comfortable, appealing workspace is conducive to productivity. Increased productivity, in turn, correlates to increased profits and revenue. Likewise, a luxurious atmosphere can keep customers coming back for more.

  • Maintenance

Perhaps you have a set of countertops already installed which require too much maintenance on your part. Understandable! We all have too much to do in the day for regular maintenance of our countertops to be added to the list. Switching out your countertops for a set which requires maintenance only once a year (i.e. sealing or oiling) can add time back into your busy schedule. Some amount of maintenance will always be necessary to ensure the longevity and luster of your countertops, but if you’ve noticed too much time is being spent monthly on resealing or rewaxing your surfaces, then its time for a change. 

  • Resale

As discussed briefly before, brand-new custom countertops undoubtedly add to the resale value of your home. According to RealtorMag.org in 2014, even just replacing countertops added nearly $16,000 to the resale value of homes and homeowners recouped at least eighty-two-point-seven percent of their original investment. The numbers don’t lie. A set of custom countertops might be just the thing to send the value of your home soaring. 

  1. Luxury Factor

This reason for investing in custom countertops cannot be understated. It’s probably even been studied. There’s an undeniable appeal to the luxury of custom countertops. This luxury often cannot be duplicated by premade countertops. With custom countertop’s lack of visible seams and unique tailoring to your space’s specifications, the overall appearance of your space can be elevated to astronomical levels. As we made note of earlier, this luxury factor can be achieved at any price point. Even if you don’t break the bank, you can achieve stellar results. This makes custom countertops the very best option for your space. 

We hope we convinced you of custom countertops innumerable benefits. At the very least, custom countertops are an option you should look into during any kitchen renovation or office overhaul. We carry a large inventory, including materials such as: Granite, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite, Soapstone, & Silestone. Our team here at Stonehouse Countertops is eager to help you choose the right material, finish, and specifications for your space. We believe stone is akin to art. Therefore, allow us to bring a degree of artistry into your space. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for a complimentary consultation. The pleasure of helping you is ours! Once again—make sure you end up with the countertops you imagined. Until next time! Thank you for reading!