In our last blog, we discussed some tips and suggestions for when you are deciding to build your dream kitchen. Today we are going to be talking about the how-tos and tips on creating the perfect outdoor kitchen! 

Hello readers! We are so glad you found yourself at the Stonehouse Countertops’ blog! Here you will find everything you need to know about the use of stone in your home and beyond! We are here to celebrate the excitement of masonry work and how it can bring a special level of luxury inside and outside of your home! It’s not a pleasant anniversary or reminder to point out that we’ve been dealing with this global pandemic for a whole year now. We’ve spent more time at home, and have needed more outdoor to help us get out of our homes as much as possible. In our last few blogs, we’ve been discussing the use of stone in the home, but today we are going to move outside and talk about the use of stone in your backyard and on your patio. We are going to be talking about the how-tos and things to consider when building an outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy!

There is something very special about the Lowcountry, and one of our favorite things is the ability to spend so much time outdoors all year round! Who doesn’t love sitting out on the patio on a sunny February day when our friends up north are dealing with inches of snow? Who doesn’t love cooking out on the patio for friends and family, cooking out back on a weeknight after work, or on a special holiday? What can make these moments extra special is having the perfect backyard patio and outdoor kitchen to enjoy it all in! With the help of custom stonework from Stonehouse Countertops, you can achieve this in no time, and build something truly timeless. As we’ve mentioned before, many of the stone options used for creating the perfect outdoor sanctuary can withstand the elements, and they can continue to grow more beautiful over time. When it comes to the whole process of designing your outdoor kitchen, where should you start and what are some important things to consider? 

We talked about how the indoor kitchen is the heart and hub of the home, and how you can achieve that in our last blog. You can achieve the same feeling with an outdoor kitchen, but it will require more than just throwing a grill, a table, and a few chairs out back. You’ll want to create a space that allows you to cook with ease, entertain, and offer your guests plenty of comfortable options to sit and relax. With all of this in mind, you will also need to remember that one main goal of the overall project is to create a space that is durable, functional, and beautiful. You want to be able to cook and prepare, feel like you’re part of the party, and not feel like you’re running around or cramped in your outdoor kitchen. Another plus? You can match the amazing weather Charleston gives all year round by creating a space that can be utilized and enjoyed all year round! While many aspects of creating an outdoor kitchen can be achieved by a DIY project, when it comes to serious masonry work, it is best to hire the professionals like Stonehouse Countertops to give you the best results.

  • As the song goes, it’s always best to start from the beginning. For this kind of project, the beginning will be the floor you will be working on outside. Pavers are an excellent option to create your kitchen and entertaining area flooring out of. When starting your project, you will need to pick out where in the yard you’d like to build, the size, and shape of the area. The proximity to the indoor kitchen and bathrooms to your outdoor kitchen can be very helpful too. Consider the durability of the material you choose, how much weight it can hold, and the stains that could come from food or drink spills. Picking stone is an excellent option for durability, easy maintenance, and long-term use. Picking a material that isn’t slippery when wet and can withstand year-round elements is very critical to the process too. Picking a color and design that compliments your home and the rest of the materials you’ll be using is also very important for the overall project to come together once it’s finished. 
  • Naturally, just like any project, make sure to create a budget and stick with it. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be, just like any room in your home. Make sure to be very picky about what items you’ll keep within the budget and what important items you’ll allow yourself to splurge on. The next step depends on the chef in your home. Are you looking for just a grilling area or do you want to include a smoker or a wood fired oven for the perfect pizza? Do you need gas or propane to cook? How about running water, a refrigerator, and plenty of outlets? As you make all of these decisions, you’ll be able to make the rest of the important decisions about your outdoor kitchen. 
  • Think about the functionality of your indoor kitchen. The layout allows for smooth and easy prep and cooking, with all tools and appliances in dedicated places that make the most sense to your cooking style. You have enough space to move around as needed, and you have located yourself in the part of the kitchen that allows you to prep and cook while still being apart of the party. If you can reflect these elements in your outdoor kitchen, it will be a successful build. One of the biggest differences is how you’ll deal with trash. Since you’re outside, you’ll want to get rid of it and away from any wild animals who would love to find it and make a mess in your yard. 
  • Along with choosing stone for the ground you’ll be standing on, it’s time to think about the stone you’ll be choosing for your countertops. Choosing stunning, low maintenance, and durable materials when creating a countertop are a must. Good thing stone countertops can give you exactly that! The easier it is to use, maintain, and clean up, the more you will want to spend using it.
  • Once you’ve established the location and the materials you’ll be using, think about it as a whole functional space and what you can connect it to. Will it be connected to a pool or deck area? Also don’t just consider the guests you’ll be entertaining, but the whole family! The design and functionality reflect who lives in the home, letting it be enjoyed every day. Also, plan for the landscaping used in and around your new kitchen area to complete the overall look. You can also add heating and shade elements to help prolong its use throughout the seasons. 
  • Don’t forget about lighting! While you are outside you will get plenty of light on sunny days, but those sunny days might not always be around. Also, you don’t always have company or cook dinner when the sun is still up! Make sure to include the proper lighting for cooking and preparing, and also for eating, your guest’s comfort, and for safety!  
  • Want to add another step of comfort and enjoyability to your outdoor kitchen? Adding speakers, a music system, and TVs can take your outdoor kitchen to the next level! If you want to enjoy a movie while cooking with your family, good music for a romantic evening, or host the big game, adding these elements can make the outdoor kitchen and dining areas even more enjoyable and can give you even more incentive to use the kitchen as a whole. 
  • The appliances, grills, and other cooking tools will determine what size the overall kitchen will be. Make sure to remember this when laying out your floor, when you’re choosing your appliances, deciding where and how big your prep areas will be if you will be utilizing the island, and where seating will be. This also goes along with the idea that your outdoor kitchen needs to flow just as efficiently as your indoor kitchen. Make sure the appliances you choose are just as reliable as the stone you’re using to create the kitchen around the hem. 

Bring something truly special to your backyard with an outdoor kitchen, bringing a touch of ambiance and outdoor living to your home the way you want! Let Stonehouse Countertops help you create the outdoor kitchen and outdoor space of your dreams! Get started now before summer gets here! Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out. We can’t wait to start working with you! We are Stonehouse Countertops, your leading choice for countertops, vanities, fireplace surrounds, floors, patios, and walls! Until next time stay safe and keep investing in your home and your style!