Hello, readers! Welcome back to our continued blog series about care and maintenance for different kinds of stone countertops, we’re happy to have you back!

Our last blog post directly related to taking care of granite and limestone countertops, and if you missed it you can click here to start there before meeting us back here!

Today we will be reviewing the advantages, disadvantages, recommendations, and general fascinating info in relation to marble countertops and quartz countertops.

We can hear you now: “Marble sounds so fancy!”, and  “Why quartz?”

Well, we’re happy to tell you more, let’s start off with all you need to know about marble. Better get comfortable readers, because there’s nothing we love more than talking about stone!

Marble Countertops:

You may start off by thinking about marble as being a high quality countertop or decorative material, but what most people don’t realize is that marble is both durable, and susceptible to stains and etching. When we say etching, we are referring specifically to pitting, cracks, scratches, and indents made from acidic foods and drinks! With the right amount of upkeep however, marble can add timeless elegance and brightness to your kitchen space. 

Advantages to having marble countertops:

  • Marble countertops are naturally cooler in temperature and create an ideal space for bakers! If you’re a baker of any level of expertise, the cool surface of a marble countertop is an ideal space to set items to cool and stay cooled!
  • Marble is soft and easy to shape so there are many options for edge decoration and detailing. Intricate spaces and designs, here we came!
  • Despite the higher maintenance needs for marble, marble is incredibly strong and has been used as a building material for generations! There are many monuments and sculptures created from marble such as The Taj Mahal, The Washington Monument, Michelangelo’s David, and even the Tower of Pisa!
  • Marble has decent heat resistance and will not burn, melt, or catch fire! (it is still a good idea to use a mat or cutting board to separate the counter from hot tools, though!)

Disadvantages to having marble countertops:

  • Marble is the queen bee of high maintenance countertops! You need to regularly take care of your marble surfaces by dusting, cleaning with gentle ph-neutral cleaners, and regularly reseal them based on recommendations by your manufacturer. If water fails to bead up when it splashes on the surface of your marble countertop, it is time to seal!
  • Dusting once a week is recommended.
  • For wiping down, it is recommended to use a spray bottle with a thin mixture of ph-neutral cleaner and water to spray onto the counter and then wipe down with a damp cloth until all of the suds are gone. Dry with a soft towel and make sure to reseal if needed.
  • Avoid spills and splashes of acidic foods and drinks like coffee, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sodas, wine, fruit juice, or vinegar as they will damage the countertop’s surface! Immediate wipe up of these materials is advised for any marble surface.

Our recommendations for regular care of marble countertops:

Don’t let the high maintenance vibe of marble countertops thwart your dreams of having that perfect, elegant kitchen countertop! Yes marble comes with a laundry list of care, but it has standed as one of history’s well-known representations of elegance and sophistication for a reason. It is a gorgeous material that is well worth the effort to maintain and upkeep. The natural ‘glow’ that occurs with marble countertops is often remarked by those who treasure it in of itself! It just seems to brighten up the room all on its own! Our recommendation for marble countertops is to consider what you are looking for in a countertop and if a commitment to care doesn’t concern you, marble countertops will give back to you again and again and again. Plus, you can have the fanciest kitchen on the block, and we’re sure you’ll want everyone to know.

The next countertop material on our list for consideration and review is quartz!

Quartz Countertops:

If you are looking for durability, attractive color palettes and styling, and affordable pricing, watch out because quartz countertops are headed your way! Quartz as a material is manufactured, and that can be very attractive for those that are seeking the best in every aspect of a countertop’s purpose and performance. 

Quartz is known to be more durable with less of the weaknesses of natural stone, as it has been engineered for strength and style. Quartz also allows for a broader color palette than that of granite or marble, so more color options to decorate your kitchen space are on the table with this versatile material!

Advantages to having quartz countertops:

  • Broader color palettes due to man-made production
  • Higher durability and strength
  • Quartz has the same durability of concrete and granite but is more forgiving so it is more resistant to chips or cracks but without the same hardness some find unpleasant in its comparators. 
  • Quartz is non-porous and resists stains more so than any other stone countertop!
  • Quartz is low maintenance and requires a typical amount of cleaning for upkeep. 

Disadvantages to having quartz countertops:

  • There aren’t many disadvantages to quartz countertops, but if you are seeking a natural piece of stone straight from the earth this material may not be a good fit for you.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, seams from engineering may be noticeable, but this is not always a deal break for some.
  • Quartz is not as resistant to heat, and caution will need to be taken with hot tools or kitchenware.

Our recommendation for quartz countertops:

Quartz countertops tend to be the stars of the show when it comes to countertop materials, but it is honestly ‘to each their own’! There are many benefits to going with quartz, especially within family homes due to their resistance and durability to foods, scratches, and heat. This engineered stone is often available for competitive pricing depending on the area, so definitely do your research or reach out to a team like Stonehouse Countertops to help you find the best option for your budget! With a contemporary, upscale style and low maintenance, where could you go wrong?

Well, readers, that concludes our second blog of this series in reviewing different types of stone countertops and ways to maintain them! Our next blog will feature Soapstone and Concrete, and we couldn’t be more excited to review that information with you! Are you ready to learn about those two interesting types of stone countertop material? We have a feeling it’s going to ‘rock’! Get it? Sorry, we couldn’t resist. 

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