Custom countertops and the process involved seem pretty cut and dry, right? There is so much more to it than you might think! Here are some little-known facts and myths about custom countertops that we wanted to share with you and debunk! 

Welcome back to the blog! We are so glad you’ve come across the Stonehouse Countertops blog, Charleston’s number one choice for custom stone countertops, vanities, fireplace surrounds, patios, floors, and walls. We partner with the leading providers of stone to offer our clients the best selection of natural and engineered stone! Whether it’s time to remodel your home or you’re preparing for building your brand new home, Stonehouse Countertops is here for you! You would think that the whole process of choosing, cutting, and installing custom stone in your home is pretty cut and dry, but the reality is that there is so much more to it than you might think! Just like every design process, it takes time, dedication, and artistry to bring a strong installation to fruition.

It begins with wanting to create a space that’s unique, amazing to look at, incredibly functional, and timeless. That is the unique gift of working with stone! No matter how modest or the age of any room you choose for your installation, stone countertops and stonework will give your spaces a very luxurious and inviting appearance. Stone can turn any outdoor space into an oasis, creating the perfect outdoor kitchen, patio, garden bed, hot tub area, pool area, and so much more. What is there not to love? With this in mind, we wanted to share some very interesting facts about stone countertops that you might not know! We also wanted to debunk some of the top myths about custom countertops, once and for all! 

  • Interesting Facts About Custom Countertops! 

There is nothing like the feeling of creating, decorating, and making any room of your home the exact room you’ve always wanted. While not everyone might get excited about bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we sure do! We love our industry so much that we wanted to share a few interesting facts that you may or may not know about it! When considering your next build or remodel, please know that we are here to make it happen for you. Please also know that the process of installation is a big decision in terms of longevity and the materials themselves. However, we do promise that this kind of big decision will be worth it and it’ll be worth the investment of your time and money you put into it! 

  • Quartz, one of the many materials we use, is pretty incredible. It is a clean stone, which we love. What we mean by saying it is a “clean” stone is that when quartz is produced, the polymers and resins used in the creation process acts as a sealer. This will create a smooth surface that won’t collect bacteria, will prevent crevices that dirt and grime can build up inside of, and they will be impervious to contaminants and water. It will also make it very easy to keep them clean and allows the countertops to last for a very long time. 
  • Quartz countertops have been around a lot longer than people might think, even though they are at such a high peak in popularity right now. They first came out in the 1960s, according to It’s a material that is fantastic with heat, is very low maintenance, and is very durable. 
  • Granite is one of the oldest rocks on earth. According to, it has been around for up to 300 million years! 
  • Thanks to the popularity of granite, it lead to the construction of one of the first commercial railroads in the United States. This railroad allowed the building material to be shipped across the country with ease, to help those with big pockets build their dream homes in new cities across the US. It has also been used in some of the most famous structures since the ancient Egyptians up to building the base of the Statue of Liberty! 
  • Marble is a wonderful material to use in the home because it is hypoallergenic. Its non-porous finish allows any allergins to be wiped away, and won’t allow them to build up or sit on their surfaces. 
  • Marble can contain many gemstones in its natural state, including rubies! 
  • The New York Public Library, when it opened its very impressive doors in 1911, was the largest marble buildings of its time. 530,000 cubic feet of marble was used for its construction. 
  • Handling, cutting, and installing stone countertops and stone in your home is very difficult to do on your own. It should not be the first project to think of when you are considering a DIY! Please call and work with a professional company (like Stonehouse Countertops!) to achieve what you want in your home. 
  • Soapstone is dense and acid resistant, it can be treated with mineral oil to darken over time! 
  • Natural stone retains heat very well, making showers in the cooler months much warmer, and will help absorb conditioned air in the summer. Using stone throughout the home can offer the same effect, helping to keep your home at your desired temperature while keeping your energy bill down! 

  • Myths About Stone Countertops 

  Just about any subject and topic in the world will have its share of myths floating around about it. They can be very easy to mistake as the truth, and sometimes hard to avoid when trying to learn new and important information. The topic of stone countertops is no stranger to this additive, there are plenty of rumors and myths surrounding the topic. So many in fact that we wanted to debunk some of the top myths about stone countertops floating round out there, so you never have to worry about being stuck on the wrong side of this information! 

  • Myth #1 Granite will lose its shine over time when you use it in your home.
    • Since granite is scratch-resistant, dulling won’t happen to the granite in your home for decades. Like any investment, it is very smart to care for your countertops as best you can, regardless of their strength. 
  • Myth #2 Prefabricated countertops won’t increase the value of your home. 
    • We use both natural and prefabricated materials, and know this statement to be very false! Adding prefabricated countertops can be an inexpensive addition you can give your home that will increase its value and attract new buyers. 
  • Myth #3 Stains will be permanent on your stone countertops. 
    • The toughest stains can be extracted with a poultice of some kind, even stains that are oil-based. However, most liquids that stain like coffee and wine will wipe right off without leaving anything behind. 
  • Myth #4 Sunlight will damage your quartz countertops. 
    • Quartz doesn’t always get the credit it deserves when it comes to its strength. It can be installed in any room of the house, even in very sunny rooms.  
  • Myth #5 Granite countertops are too expensive! 
    • Thanks to the fact that it is so widely popular and accessible building material, it is nowhere near as expensive as it was twenty-some years ago. Like any investment, you can choose as much or as little that you will want to spend and the amount of granite you want to use when deciding to install it in your home. 
  • Myth #6 Prefabricated countertops don’t have a lot of options when it comes to color selection. 
    • A custom slab of granite can come in basically any color imaginable, depending on where you get it from. You will have plenty of options to choose from! 
  • Myth #7 Stone countertops are impossible to fix! 
    • While it is incredibly rare for a stone countertop to beak, if it does happen you will be able to have it repaired. Make sure to seek professional help, including returning to the company you worked with to install it in the first place, to get it repaired. This way you can get matching material to what you already have without having to go through a difficult matching process. 

Some pretty interesting information, right? Stone and its use in the home throughout history have had quite an exciting journey. There are so many reasons why these materials are timeless, and we hope this blog shone a little light on that! Also, we hope that debunking some of the most popular myths on stone countertops helps when you begin to consider installing stone in your home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! We are Stonehouse Countertops, your leading choice for countertops, vanities, fireplace surrounds, floors, patios, and walls! Until next time stay safe and keep investing in your home and your style!