We’ve talked about what you need to think about when considering and deciding on building your dream indoor and outdoor kitchens. Today we are going to be talking about what to consider when starting the process of designing and building your dream patio! 

Summer is right around the corner! These spring temperatures have been so refreshing, that thick yellow pollen we all love so much has returned, and in between bursts of spring storms we all want to get outside! Our back patios and backyards have been our little havens during this last year, and now we can continue to enjoy them just because we can! Have you been dreaming of finally creating the patio of your dreams? Is it finally time to work with us at Stonehouse Countertops to incorporate beautiful pieces of stone into exactly what you’ve been dreaming of? We had a feeling it just might be that time! With this dream in mind, we wanted to share a few tips, suggestions, and ideas to consider when you decide to take that next step to turn your backyard into the sanctuary of your dreams! Our goal with this blog is to help you make this process simple, stress-free, and to help guide you through the whole process. There are so many options and choices out there that you will have to deal with, follow these tips and you should be on your way to an amazing backyard patio built with Stonehouse Countertops in no time! 

  • Begin by picking where you would like your patio to go, the size you would like, and design it into usable sections. Make sure you choose how you will use each of these sections before jumping into the building and designing process. This will help you decide what section should go next to one another, and what flows best! 
  • Make sure to build in a way that compliments and makes sense to the structure and flow of your home. Let doors, outdoor plugs, and other designated parts of your yard help you with your design. Where is the back door or door you’ll use to access the porch from your home? Will you be able to use existing power sources or will you be needing to add more? Will building your patio block any water source or spout? Can you incorporate it into your design or will you have to move it? 
  • You don’t have to design and create an elaborate patio if you don’t want to. Starting with simple shapes is a great place to begin, especially for the stone flooring of the overall patio itself. Once a very simple outline is created out of these shapes, it is easy to add in more detail and anything ornate from there! 
  • Design your patio based on how it will be used. Is there going to be an outdoor kitchen like the ones we have talked about in one of our most recent blogs? Are you going to include a pool, hot tub, fire pit, an entertaining area, or an eating area? Place each of these areas in a location that makes the most sense for usage, comfort, lighting, and proximity to the indoors or an electrical source. Just like any room of your home, you want the flow of your patio to make the most sense to promote comfort and use! 
  • Remember to think about the viewpoint of every section of your patio, no matter its size. Begin by choosing what the focal point or center of your patio will be. Next, consider the view from every section of your patio. What will you be looking at when sitting in the dining or entertaining areas? What will you be facing from your grilling or outdoor cooking areas? How about when cooking a s’more or sitting in the hot tub? You want every view to be as pleasant and attractive as possible. 
  • Don’t forget about pathways and space for everything you’ll be putting on the patio. If you are building in a more compact area, you will need to pick and plan for walking areas and how you and your guests will navigate. Remember to leave space around any furniture items so that everyone can walk around them comfortably. 
  • Complementing the interior and exterior of your home with your patio and its design can bring a patio’s design together and compliment your home even more. Just as we’ve talked about in other blogs, building and designing new elements of the home to complement your whole home overall, creates a very special effect. This idea can help your home flow as one into the new patio and can help in the future if you ever plan on selling your home. Creating a packaged look is very appealing to new buyers. 
  • While your patio may be on the smaller side, are there ways you can extend it to make it look even bigger and improve its usage? Yes! Consider adding walkways to other parts of the yard or around your garage to the front of your home. Consider adding elements to make it enjoyable all year round, no matter the weather. 
  • If you are someone who enjoys home automation systems that creates a “smart home” atmosphere, don’t forget you can add these elements to your brand new patio. This can help streamline it with your home and will allow you to enjoy these smart elements just as you do within your home. 
  • When considering everything you want on your brand new patio and where it will go. Make sure to consider and know why you are placing every element within it. Don’t be afraid to get creative to make sure you will be using it as much as possible, don’t just add elements that look interesting. Make sure to add elements and furniture that you will actually use. 
  • Don’t forget about landscaping! The use of stone can be excellent in creating your dream patio, and it can also enhance your landscaping, garden beds, and other natural elements. Make sure to make your gardening and landscaping part of your planning, don’t leave it until the last minute or for when your patio is finished. You might wind up with landscaping that makes you unhappy or is unable to complement what you’ve created with your new patio. 
  • Make sure to decide if you’re going to have a patio with one level, multi-levels, or if it will be raised. Each style will require its own level of attention, work, and unique construction to achieve the exact look you’re going for! 
  • Don’t forget to put importance on choosing what materials you’ll use. Stone is an excellent building material to start with. Not only can it create some of the most beautiful and unique designs on a patio, but it is also incredibly durable to keep up with the normal wear and tear of everyday life. Using stone in creating your dream patio is also an excellent choice because it is so low maintenance to keep clean, and it can also endure the weather of all kinds. It is also a very safe building material. You will need to pick a material that won’t be slippery when wet and can be safe for anyone to walk on, no matter the occasion or the weather. 
  • Now it’s also time to consider if your patio will have some kind of covering or roof? A roof has a lot of excellent value to it when considering adding it to the patio you’re designing. It can protect you from the elements and it can extend the use of the patio. You will be kept in the shade on sunny days, and stay dry when it rains. Having a roof over your patio also helps protect any furniture and cooking equipment you plan on adding to your patio, too. A roof is also an added investment to the patio and your home’s overall worth. 
  • Make sure that what you have planned for your design is up to all building codes for your safety and what is required by your state and HOA. 
  • Make sure to include all of the light sources you will be using in your design. While natural lighting is a plus, it won’t always be available. Plan out where you will add light fixtures to help see when you’re cooking on the grill, entertaining, getting in and out of a pool or hot tub, and just the general use of light overall. 
  • Please make sure to plan out where and what kind of utilities you will need. Where will you need electric plugs? Where will you need access to a water line or a water spout? Will you need a drain to get rid of excess water? What about all of our grill masters, will you need to add in a gas line or water line for your outdoor kitchen areas? 
  • Will you be adding outdoor entertainment like music, tv, or surround sound to your new patio? Make sure to plan each element in accordance to where you will enjoy and access them the most, and close to all the plugs you will need to operate each element. 
  • Consider a mixture of mediums to extend or decorate your outdoor area. You can mix things like pavers and pebbles to create a unique and beautiful look and this can also help with drainage off of your patio. This drainage can help with excess water or if you have a garden area around the patio. 
  • Never overlook drainage, and allow for it to be as natural as possible for added safety and to help maintain the natural areas of your backyard! 
  • Create and design a back patio for the whole family to enjoy. This will include your future plans as well! Are you just starting our but plan to have a family? If you’re not adding these ideas or elements into your design now, save room to add elements like a play area, a pool, a treehouse, and more for later! 

Designing anything is incredibly personal and unique. This blog is to help arm you with some initial ideas, tips, and steps to help you begin the process and to help you not forget some of the most important key elements. Remember, stone is an excellent resource to help you design the perfect patio, and it is one of our specialties! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us! We can’t wait to build your perfect patio! Until next time stay safe and keep investing in your home and your style!